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One out of four people over the age of 60 has a hearing problem, but most people do not seek treatment until 7 years after their hearing starts to go. Don't wait to have your hearing issue diagnosed. The sooner you have a skilled audiologist diagnose your condition, the more receptive your auditory nerve will be to treatment.

At Central Coast Audiology, Inc., you can receive treatment and buy high-quality hearing aids in Salinas and Monterey in one location. We offer both diagnostic tests and hearing equipment because having an audiologist personally fit and troubleshoot the piece ensures that the patient will receive the desired results.

To schedule your appointment in our Monterey or Salinas offices, call (831) 216-1281.


In many cases, hearing is lost so gradually that the patient does not even realize they are having issues. If you are concerned that a friend or loved one has hearing damage, speak with their coworkers and others they interact with on a daily basis, and ask if they have noticed the patient having difficulties hearing. This information will be helpful for the audiologist to determine which diagnostic tests to perform.