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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Amplifying Sounds for Those With Hearing Loss

Hearing aids are tiny digital devices that are designed to process and amplify sounds for people who suffer from hearing loss. Hearing aids or not just for the elderly, but can be worn by children and young adults as well. However, only about 5 in 10 people with hearing loss can benefit from a hearing aid.

So, how does a hearing aid work? Well, hearing aids are work with a three part system including a microphone, amplifier, and transmitter. Let's dive into the three parts.

Hearing aids have the following basic components:

  • Microphone: The microphone picks up sound and converts it to an electrical signal that gets sent to the amplifier.
  • Amplifier: The amplifier takes these electric signals from the microphone and amplifies them before they are sent to the transmitter.
  • Transmitter: The transmitter, or speaker, takes the electrical signal and changes it into sound, passing it into the ear.

Different Types of Electronics Used in Hearing Aids

Older man getting a hearing aidNot all hearing aids work the same way. There are two primary types of technology for hearing aids:


Analog hearing aids convert sounds from the microphone to electric signals. These types of hearing aids can be programmed to meet your specific needs according to the recommendations of your audiologist. Analog hearing aids can be programmed for different sound environments, from small rooms to large amphitheaters. They are the more affordable type of hearing aid.


Instead of electric signals, digital hearing aids convert sound into numerical code. The numerical code includes information about the pitch and volume of the sound it is receiving and can be programmed to amplify certain sounds over others. The digital circuitry allows for more flexibility for the user but can be more expensive.

Benefits of Using a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can relieve the strain of hearing the world around you. When you get a hearing aid, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to experience:

  • Easier time listening in different environments
  • Less background noise interference
  • Comfortable molds that are tailored to your ear

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you're getting the best hearing aid for your individual situation;. Contact us for an appointment.

How Do Digital Hearing Aids Work?

Digital hearing aids work by converting sound waves into digital signals. These signals are processed and customized to the wearer's hearing needs using advanced algorithms. The adjusted sound is then sent to the speaker, which delivers it into the ear canal. The digital processing allows for precise sound amplification and noise reduction, improving the wearer's ability to hear and understand speech and other sounds.

Find the Right Hearing Aid for You

At Central Coast Audiology, Inc., we offer a wide range of hearing aids for individuals who are affected by moderate to severe hearing loss. Our Monterey audiologist is dedicated to helping you find the right type of hearing aid for your hearing issues, taking into account your lifestyle and personal needs.

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